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Learn cutting-edge 10th Planet Jiu-jitsu training under ADCC veteran & Quintet Champion
Dr. Amir Allam, PhD

Who are we?

10th Planet Jiujitsu has been revolutionizing the sport of grappling ever since Master Eddie Bravo tapped out Royler Gracie in 2003.

Focused on creative, fluid movements incorporating the entire body, 10th Planet Jiujitsu is all about having a great time while training to become a ninja assassin.

Come join the no-gi revolution today!

Head Instructor: Dr. Amir Allam, PhD
Next Level Thinkfluencer & Trust Agent
Amir & Eddie! Those titles just sound perfect, like he's for sure the guy you need in your life right now, don't they? That PhD shit is real, though; Amir has been a Research Professor of Geophysics at the U of Utah since 2015. An active competitor since he began wrestling in junior high, he's won numerous Grappler's Quest, NAGA, Grappling Industries, and Gracie National/World tournaments, is a veteran of EBI and ADCC, and was a member of the championship-winning Team 10th Planet at Quintet 2. Training directly under Eddie Bravo for more than 10 years - going from white to 2nd Degree Black belt - Amir is dyed-in-the-wool #10P4L, which means he fanatically chases submissions at all costs. His curriculum combines the rigorous intellectual approach of academia with the dynamic movement of those flexible 10th Planet lunatics.
Josh "Biggie Talls" Hanagarne
Tall! The tallest and baldest man in any room, best-selling author (The World's Strongest Librarian) Josh Hanagarne looms comfortingly over you while patiently explaining what you've done wrong. Not just in jiujitsu, but in life more generally. A famed librarian at the SLC Public Library, Josh is also a performing strongman who can roll up frying pans and tear phone books in half. So just trust me when I recommend that you never to try to re-shelve your own goddamned library books while he's watching. With a deep baritone like thunder rolled in honey and the easygoing manner of an inveterate bartender, Josh excels at welcoming newcomers to the severely complicated world of 10th Planet Jiujitsu. He's currently a purple belt but hopes to someday not be a purple belt.
The Rawson
Human Resources
Rawson You know how some people are so cool that they only need one name like Tyson, Banksy, or Beyoncé? Yeah, the Rawson is nothing like that, we just forget his other names. Hailing from the [insert derogatory adjective here] plains of West Texas, the Rawson is a gentle and friendly colossus like a crossbreed of Hagrid and Totoro. Ever since he started jiujitsu with Amir in 2018, he's viewed the human body as a resource to be exploited for artistic entertainment. Humble and unassuming, the Rawson has achieved cascading success at every endeavor he's attempted, from playing middle linebacker at UT Austin, to professional bodybuilding, to a local chain of nutrition retailers, to a marijuana farming empire. Generous to a fault, he'll let you achieve a seemingly dominant position in jiujitsu only to twist you into a pretzel 5 seconds later.
Sean "White Noise" Bennion
Associate Regional Director of Marketing Outreach
Sorceror! Sean is... what's the word ...?... ah, yes: "Special". His dogs know it, his mom has always known it, and now we at 10PSLC know it too. White Noise is one of these dudes with a totally relevant B.A. in English that he uses exclusively to write snide things on social media. A purple belt with approximately 47 years of experience, he's like a dusty old encyclopaedia of jiujitsu; he'll for sure have the answers to your grappling questions but you'll probably start sneezing if you approach him. By far the most effortlessly loud person anywhere, someday I'm going to offer him $100 to whisper the lyrics to Careless Whisper just to watch him fail comedically. He's the best guy here to teach you private lessons; he'll osmose his extensive knowledge directly into your brain through sheer audial volume.

Where Are We?

We are LIVE!

We are now at home in our brand new facility!

This means more classes, more guard passes and more opponents taps-es!

We have full shower facilities, two bathroom/changing rooms, and over 1000 sq. ft. of mat space! Street parking is free all day and lot parking after 4pm M-F.

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